Why Birdola?

Feeding your wild birds with Birdola® makes good sense. For the consumer, it is convenient. Simply unwrap the two-pound cake, and insert it into Birdola® Products' specially designed feeder. No more heavy bags to lift and break in your trunk. No more storage hassles (you have to keep the critters out!).  More important, Birdola® is good for birds. It has a gourmet mix of premium seeds, with no "junk", or waste seeds that birds simply kick out of a bulk mix (this includes oats, barley and wheatgrass).


  • To maintain a healthy feeding area, it is essential to keep your feeder, and the area beneath, clean. Regular cleaning can reduce the thread of infections.
  • The most common diseases are E.coli, Salmonella, Avian Pox, and Finch Disease.
  • Make sure to rinse and dry the feeder thoroughly before replacing the seed. Dampness can cause seeds to mold.

Birdola® Wild Bird Diets

Birdola® is a cake of seeds that allows birds to peck their favorite seed, without ruining the rest of the cake. The cake is held together with a natural protein binder, so it's good for birds. Our cakes stay together in all kinds of weather.

What does it contain?

Birdola® contains calcium for strong bones and eggshells, and grit to aid in digestion. We've consulted with a nutrition lab and Cornell Ornithology Lab to make our products even better. We also add Nutriboost™ (essential vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes) to make as complete a meal as possible.