Large Cake Feeder with Fold-Down Perches

Our basic wire feeder with patented fold-down perches.

Small Cake Feeder with Fold-Down Perches

Feeder with patented fold-down perches. Use with our variety of Junior seed cakes, or with any of the small suet cakes in the marketplace.

Stacker™ Stand

Made from durable plastics with perch, drainage holes, and metal rod (with hanging hook) that holds Stacker™ cakes in place.

Thistle Sock Feeder

Our sock feeders are ready to hang and enjoy. And they are refillable! Filled with filled with 13 oz. of premium Nyjer seed.

Jumbo Thistle Sock Feeder

A bigger version (22 oz.) of our standard Thistle Sock Feeder. Lasts over 50% longer than the standard size.

Squirrel KOB Bungee Feeder

Unique spring action feeder brings out comical feeding antics. Works with cobs and corn logs.