Birdola Products

Birdola Seed Cakes

Our seed cakes feature only the highest quality seeds - they're sure to satisfy the appetites of a wide array of wild birds.


Affordable, easy-to-use and maintain, new Birdola Stackers are an excellent way to enjoy the beauty of nearly every species of wild bird.


A revolutionary fusion of seed cake & suet, using a patented process to join Birdola® premium blend seed mix and high quality suet in one cake.

Feed Bars

Our feed bars are available in 6 popular blends and contain only premium seeds. Just unwrap the bar and hang with string or wire.


The perfect place for your feathered friends to perch for a bite to eat. Different-sized feeders accommodate the various sizes of our feed cakes.

Suet Cakes

Wild birds need fat from suet to supplement their diets. Our suet cakes contain only the highest quality ingredients, so they're sure to satisfy the healthy appeties of all birds.


Distract these rascals from your birds' feeding area by providing them with their own tasty snacks.